Monday, June 29, 2009

[drabble] "And by Funny I Mean Grace"

A drabble is 100 words [Wikipedia, Fanlore].

John 3:47-28

And by Funny I Mean Grace

Isn't it funny that Jesus says, "You're so honest," and Nathaniel says, "Jesus, You know me so well."

And by "funny," I mean, "I do that too." A friend's lover says, "I think you must do well at everything you try," and I think, "I need to know you better.

"You see into the heart of things -- the heart of me"

And isn't it funny, too, that Christ does this still? Looks into the heart of things (of us) and sees a guileless Israelite, not a sanctimonious Pharisee, a talented young woman, not an overachieving little girl: the Kingdom versions of our selves.

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